Hi! I'm Vince Falconi, and I make things on the web.

I'm web developer from Jackson, Mississippi. I believe the web ought to be accessible, fast, and secure.

John Wick's (tenuous) Connection to Constantine

I am a big fan of the John Wick movies. I'm also a big fan of Constantine. There were far too many similarly-shaped puzzle pieces not to try and put them together. I will not apologize for any of this.


After installing HTTPS Everywhere, I realized a local newspaper wasn't using HTTPS, so I decided to look into other popular local papers. Nothing surprising, but the use of HTTPS locally is depressing nonetheless.

I made a thing: JxnWater.info

This is the first iteration of something I've been tinkering with for a while now (read: this is very much a beta). I'm sure there are bugs I haven't caught yet, but I wanted to get this out there in the world now, because the longer it just sits on my local server, the longer I'm going to procrastinate working on it.

Cache Override, an ExpressionEngine plugin

Cache Override is a flexible ExpressionEngine plugin that provides cache-busting URLs for requested assets.

Implementing the CSS Specificity Graph

I've been working on an implementation of Harry Roberts' CSS Specificity Graph using PHP and D3.js.

Finding Parents with Vanilla JavaScript

A simple, vanilla JavaScript function that finds an element's parent using a given selector.